chamois & flèche tests

go up against the clock! 

Each week, the instructors at esf Le Corbier organise Chamois and Flèche et Chamois test runs! 

They are open to all those who wish to participate and compete against others: 
  • FLÈCHE :  slalom like challenge lasting around 40 seconds, with a track between 25 and 35 flags, and a change in elevation between 200 and 250 metres. 
  • CHAMOIS : special slalom type challenge lasting around 30 seconds. It includes a track with 30 to 40 flags, and a change in elevation between 100 to 120 metres.

The calculation of the performance of each race is based on the percentage allowed plus the time taken to complete the race by one of the instructors as a base time. 

Find oud your slalom level: sign up at the esf Le Corbier office before 5pm the day before.
Price : 9 €

To find out all results of the tests, head to the website Club esf by clicking here