our advice

to make sure your stay goes smoothly

  • Take our insurance, as mountain rescue is not free.
  • Check the weather and information about the slopes (Opening and closing times) 
  • Get your hands on and keep a map of the pistes with you.
  • Stay hydrated and eat good meals for sports that take place in higher altitudes, in the sun and also the cold (Always use sunscreen to protect yourself) 
  • Get the right equipment, and make sure it is well maintained, adapted and adjusted to your needs. Protect yourself  using gloves, goggles and a helmet. 
  • Whilst using the lifts, be sure to read the rules shown for getting on and off. 
  • If you are going off piste : do not leave without being well informed and prepared (In the case of risk of avalanche, take a map) or without a mountain professional or instructor. 
  • As with all sports, improvisation when skiing is not recommended. Learn the proper technique. 
  • Physical preparation and warming up: balance your effort, ski at a level you are comfortable with.

Smile, relax... you are on holiday! 
The mountains are amazing...