10 safety rules to follow

things to consider when skiing at des sybelles !

The instructors of esf Le Corbier invite you to watch this video, created by the National Group for French Ski Instructors.
using ski lifts correctly
Don't forget! Whilst using the lifts, your carelessness could put other people in danger... 

Whilst using the chairlifts : 
  • Put your backpack in front of you! You can stay sat until you arrive. 
  • If you cant get on properly, let the chair go. You risk getting stuck.
  • Put down the railing. You risk falling from the lift.  
  • Never jump from the seat, even if the lift has stopped completely. It is much higher than you think.  
  • If you cannot get off, stay sat down. Let your legs push the button that will stop the lift automatically. 

Whilst using the  lifts (Button or T-Bar) :
  • Take off your wrist straps. They could get stuck on the pole. 
  • Dont slalom and keep holding onto the pole until the end. You risk derailing the cable and hurting those who are getting on. 
  • If you fall, dont hold on to the lift. Let go of the bar and move quickly and calmly away from the lift. 
  • On arrival, let go of the pole when it is indicated to do so. If you miss the arrival, you will trigger the automatic stop.
  • Move quickly upon arrival. A pole could hit you in the head!