Advice and recommendations
Before skiing
  • Take out an insurance, because assistance services will be charged for. 
  • Check the weather forecast and the slopes information (opening and closing hours, etc.) 
  • Get a piste map
  • Keep hydrated and eat a balanced diet for long efforts at a high altitude with sun and cold temperatures (do not forget your sun cream) 
  • Use suitable and well-maintained equipment. Keep safe (helmets, gloves, glasses)
  • Read the ski lifts regulations and follow the advise offered 
  • Off-piste: do not leave without being informed (risk of avalanche, itinerary) or with a professional high mountain guide
  • Learn the technique
  • Physical preparation and warming up: pace yourself
  • Don't forget to smile and relax, you're on holiday. Just enjoy the scenery

How to use the ski lifts
Don't forget: consider safety measures at all times, your imprudent action may endanger other people.

On our chairlifts, follow these 5 security principles
  • Place your backpack in front of you! You could get stuck at arrival.
  • If you have a problem at set off, let the chair go! You could get stuck in the air.
  • Lower the safety bar ! You could fall off.
  • So never jump of the chair, even in halt ! You are always higher than you think you are.
  • If you can't get off the chair, remain seated ! The lift will stop automatically as your legs touch the safety catch.

On our ski tows, follow these 5 security principles
  • Remove the straps from your wrists ! You could get stuck to the bar.
  • Do not slalom on the way up and hold on to the bar until arrival ! The cable could go off the rails and that may injure other people who are going up.
  • If you fall, do not hold on to the bar ! Let go of the bar and clear the track as quickly as possible.
  • At arrival, let go of the bar after the signpost ! If you surpass the arrival area, you will activate the automatic halt.
  • Clear the arrival area as quick as possible ! The next bar could bump into your head.